Tuesday, 16 July 2013

45 Quartz 2

In ancient Egypt, glazed quartz served as a substitute when no high quality examples of Turquoise could be found. The Greeks had originally named quartz, krystallos, the word for ice, but this soon came to mean any crystal. In China’s Ming Dynasty, quartz often showed up as stone in jewelry work. In Pre-Columbian America, explorations of Mixtec graves have uncovered quartz use for ear jewelry. In European history, Queen Elizabeth I’s court spiritualist’s crystal ball was Smoky Quartz, which is also the national gem of Scotland, whose national scepter included a large Smoky Quartz on its top. In modern times, it was the first crystal used in radio transmission and reception and was essential in the development of computers.

Clear quartz is of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy. Crystal Healers use clear quartz in rituals meant to treat convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain, hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

Rose quartz is used for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Rose quartz is the essential stone for increasing love and for times of extreme emotional turmoil, such as divorce, bereavement or career set backs because it helps to remind the wearer of the importance of self-love. It stimulates the body’s love centers and can result in peace and fidelity in committed relationships. As one of the most important crystals for attracting love it does emotional maintenance clearing out emotional baggage, converting negative emotions, and calms hot tempers, all of which prepare us for love. The stone is also recommended for improving mental discipline and making one more responsible, and for meditation and mental tranquility.

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