Sunday, 28 July 2013

Is Abdominoplasty the Answer?

Cosmetic surgery is very popular in the United States to help a person improve his or her looks. One type of procedure you can get is the abdominoplasty. This cosmetic surgery is also known as a tummy tuck and works by removing excess fat and skin around the abdomen in order to tighten the muscles in this area. Women are most commonly the patients for this kind of surgery, and it is usually recommended only when diet and exercise do not work. It can also be used in some cases to remove excess skin, which is common around the abdomen in the case of a huge weight loss.

There are a number of different ways to go about this procedure. First, with a complete abdominoplasty, the doctor makes an incision completely across the lower abdomen, cuts around the navel, and detaches the skin for the abdominal wall. Your muscles are then tightened and excess skin is removed. A new hole is cute for the navel, and your skin is basically stitched back in place to heal. This can turn into an extended abdominoplasty, which is when the same procedure is done and then repeated on the thighs or back.

You can also combine abdominoplasty with liposuction, which removes fatty deposits in the body. This is very common. If you’ve already lost the weight, another choice is a partial abdominoplasty, which removes the excess apron of skin you have from when you were larger.

Before deciding to go with this procedure, realize that recover takes anywhere from two to four weeks, and much of that time you should not go in to work. You should also not do any kind of exercising or heavily lifting until you are healed, and smoking is not advised, because it creates a high risk for complications. Also, you should consider the high cost of tummy tucks. In the United States, partial procedures start at about $4,000, with full procedures costing even more. This does not take into account the prescriptions and follow up care you may need. The cost rises as you near larger cities like Los Angeles and New York, and if you want a surgeon at the head of this field, you can pay as much as $20,000 for this kind of a procedure. It’s not recommended for everyone, but you may be able to get some real results. If you are interested in an abdominoplasty, talk to a health care provider today.

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