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Page title: Pet Care 10: Grooming Your Cat

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As an owner, it is your main responsibility to keep your pet animal clean, healthy and happy. If you have a pet cat, you will not have much trouble grooming them because they basically keep themselves clean. Cats have a natural tongue-bathing habit which keeps their coats clean and shiny. In spite of the fact that cats can take care of themselves when it comes to grooming, you should still do your part as an owner in keeping your feline friends well-groomed.

Always brush their coat or fur. Use soft, gentle strokes while brushing so that their skin will not be harmed. Wipe the coat with cloth after brushing. Do this on a regular basis to maintain the luster on your pet cat’s fur.

Bathing your cat is not always necessary, especially since cats by nature dislike water. Still, if the fur is excessively dirty, then you should give your cat a bath. Bathing your pet cat will also help remove or lessen the ticks or lice that may be clinging on their coat. In bathing your cat, use a shampoo and other cleaning products that are specifically made for them. Try to avoid the sensitive areas like the face, mouth, ears and eyes. Afterwards, rinse your cat’s body dry using a towel. Do not apply heat to dry, most cats are sensitive to heat.

Aside from the cat’s fur or coat, you should also keep its other body parts clean. The claws should be kept short, especially if your cat is always inside the house and may resort to scratching your furniture or carpet. Go to a pet shop and get the professional groomer to teach you how to trim the cat’s nails. Finally, there are a lot of products that can be bought in the pet shop to clean their eyes, ears and teeth. Keeping your cat well-groomed will let you have a better play time with them. Also, by grooming your cat properly, they will not be susceptible to disease.

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