Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Time Your Ebay Listings for Maximum Profit

When it comes to selling goods on Ebay, what you have and how you present it are two vital characteristics of successful auctions. Buyers like to know that they’re getting a good deal, and they like to know details about the merchandise they are paying for. But did you know that the timing of your Ebay auctions can also affect their success? It’s true. Real Ebay pros use timing strategies to maximize their profits, and you can, too.

Some sellers are discouraged when their auctions fail to get bids within the first few days of the listing. This is very common; most bids are placed in an auction’s final hours or even minutes. Buyers who have been watching the auction will try to place the winning bid just before time runs out, to cut down on competition. Since this is the case, Ebay sellers will benefit from making sure their auctions end during peak buying times.

When are Ebay’s peak buying times? According to the pros, daily purchases spike between 8 and 10PM Eastern Standard Time. Weekly sales reach their summit on Sunday evenings. If your auction closes during any of those time periods, your listing is more likely to be seen and bid on. If your auction closes in the wee hours of the morning, it’s unlikely that you will benefit from the last-minute buying scramble.

So how do you time your auctions to end when Ebay has the most visitors? Time your listings carefully. If you put up an item in a three day listing, the auction will end at the exact listing time, three days later. The same goes for other auctions of longer durations. For example, a seven day listing made at 8PM on Sunday evening will end at 8PM the following Sunday evening. It sounds simple, but careful auction timing is an oft-overlooked strategy that can drastically increase your sales on Ebay.

Also, consider the length of your listings. If you list an item for three days, you are shutting out thousands of potential bidders. You want to leave items up for as long as possible. Not only does this give buyers time to find and place bids on your merchandise, it also cuts down on listing fees. Why would you list an item for three days over and over again when you could just list it for seven or ten days from the beginning? Some types of merchandise, such as antiques and collectibles, can take a while to find purchasers. By listing them for three days, you’re losing out on lots of potential visibility. Increase the length of your auctions and increased profits will follow close behind. Items listed for a week or longer have time to attract plenty of auction watchers who could turn into bidders in the auction’s final moments.

Time your auctions for maximum visibility, and your profits will improve. You don’t want to lose out on sales because your auction ended at 3AM when nobody was looking! Close the bidding at a peak time to make the most of your Ebay business.

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