Friday, 20 September 2013

Birthday Cake facts

In the US it is very common for you to celebrate your birthday with a wonderfully designed and tasty birthday cake. Keep in mind, it was the Greeks that were the first to make a cake for celebration. It was commonly used in the celebrations of the birthdays for gods and goddesses.

For those who were wondering who came up with placing candles on the cake, well, it was the Greeks as well. It was because if the Greek god Artemis, where the cake was first topped with lit candles.

In the middle ages, the English would conceal symbolic items inside the cake. Each item was a prediction for the finder’s future.

You will find that things like the coins, rings, and even thimbles baked into the cake.

The birthday cake made its way to Western culture in the mid 19th century and has been an important part of birthday celebrations since.

There are some superstitions that believe pertaining to the way it is cut. If the knife touches the bottom, or when pulling the knife from the cake itself there are pieces of cake stuck to the knife, than the birthday person must kiss the nearest person of the opposite sex.

Many people will blow out the candles on their cake while making a wish, however, the trick is to blow them all out. If the candles are blown out in one blow and the wisher keeps the wish a secret, then it is believed the wish will come true.

Typically, a birthday cake is decorated with lots of flowers and balloons, but it is covered in bright colors. For kids, it is popular to have cartoon characters or their favorite them on the cake.

You will find that there are a lot of people who will make their own cake or bake a semi-home cake from a package, or the birthday cake can cost up to a few hundred dollars.

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