Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boating in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, boating is big! In fact boating in Ohio is so big that the state has recently committed over four million dollars toward expanding and improving boating access at thirty different sites all over the state. With so many beautiful bodies of water, boating in Ohio is a wonderful experience.

You may be surprised at how many places there are where you can enjoy boating in Ohio. Here are a few of the most popular destinations:

* Lake Erie – one of the most beautiful of the Great Lakes, this has long been a popular boating destination as well as a great place to fish. There are many boat ramps to get onto the water and many beautiful islands to visit on your boating trip.

* The Ohio River – located in the southern part of the state, this river also has multiple places to launch your boat. In October, there is a festival called the “Tall Stacks” where vintage riverboats take to the water and provide a party atmosphere – all on the water!

* Cuyahoga River – this river is located in the heart of Cleveland. Fishing is good on this river. The area called “The Bottoms” has lots of great tie-ups and restaurants to enjoy.

* Muskinghum River Parkway – provide picnic grounds, campsites, and excellent fishing. June is when the Zanes Trace Commemoration Festival is held and gives a historical perspective on this great stretch of water.

* Buckeye Lake – has 3,300 acres of beautiful water. They have no limit on the amount of horsepower on this lake and have a sweet corn festival every fall that any outdoorsman will enjoy!

There are also numerous other lakes for boating in Ohio as well as many national parks with some great scenery. Fishing abounds in Ohio with some prized bass being caught on a regular basis. Boat fishing is especially great in Ohio with some excellent shoreline home to catfish as well as carp.

Ohio is undertaking a huge advertising campaign promoting the boating and fishing in their state. They feel they have so much to offer for recreational boating that the rest of the country needs to hear about it as well. Regular visitors to Ohio tend to agree.

Boating is Ohio is a sport that is just growing in popularity. Take the time to check out this beautiful Midwest state and all it has to offer for your boating excursions. Some say once you’ve been boating in Ohio, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Find out for youself!

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