Sunday, 22 September 2013

Boating Life

There’s so much to be said for living the boating life. Boaters have their own lifestyles. They live on boats, take their families boating, attend boating events, give boating gifts, have a unique code of etiquette and love to laugh about boating and the boating life. It’s a wonderful way to look at the world from the deck of a boat.

Boating Life magazine embraces this lifestyle and is perfect for anyone who loves the wind in their faces as they skim across the water. Like many other boating magazines, this one offers its subscribers a plethora of information about the sport of boating.

Its sections include:

* Boat test drives

* Safety tips

* Boat maintenance

* Water sports

* Fun stuff

* And more!

There is a separate section for classified ads so you can look to buy products and even a new boat. If you have some extra equipment you want to get rid of, list it in the classified section. Want to upgrade to a bigger boat? Boating Life’s classified section, again, is the perfect place.

Are you looking for some tips on the best places to travel by boat? Boating Life magazine has got tons of suggestions. They’ve already been there and can offer up tips and advice for you to take to heart.

Their website also has a lot of great information on the boating life. Have a question about boating and need an expert’s advice? Ask it online. Curious about upcoming boating events? There’s a section for that too! The website is located at

You can get a free newsletter sent directly to your e-mailbox. This publication is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the new trends in boating and all you have to do is check your e-mail!

If you want to subscribe to Boating Life, you won’t believe the offer they have on their website. To begin with, you can get your first issue FOR FREE! If you like it, do nothing and they will bill you for a two year subscription at just $9.97! If you don’t want to subscribe, just write “cancel” on the invoice and send it back to them. But with a rate of less than $5 a year, why not keep it!

The boating life is a great way to live. If you want to embrace it fully, check out Boating Life magazine!

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