Thursday, 10 October 2013

Boating Gear

What do you need to know when it comes to boating gear? What really is boating gear? We define boating gear as everything you need to outfit your boat to meet your specific personal needs. This can range from safety equipment to apparel. What is the essential boating gear every sailor should ideally have?

First, you need to have all the required safety equipment as outlined by the United States Coast Guard. That includes a fire extinguisher, life jackets for all people on board, a sound-making device like a horn or bell, and accurate lighting for boating at night. This boating gear is required by law and every boat must have them.

It’s a good idea to outfit your boat with a radio so you can communicate with the shore. At the very least, you should have some type of cell phone or two-way radio in case of emergency. You can also put a stereo in your boat for personal enjoyment while on the water.

For docking and anchoring, you’ll need an anchor, of course, as well as line to attach the anchor. You’ll also need docking line so you can tie up at the pier. You’ll also want some dock bumpers to avoid doing damage to your boat when mooring. These are like blow-up buoys that hang from the side of your boat.

When it comes to activities with your boat, the gear you need is probably a little bit obvious. If you will be water skiing, you’ll need the skis as well as a strong tow rope. For inner-tubing, get a good tube that can hold more than one person. It’s also a good idea to get a tube with handles. You need a tow rope to inner tube as well.

If you will be fishing, your boating gear will be a little different. Of course, you’ll need your fishing gear – rods, reels, bait, etc. But you will also need someplace to keep your catch like a water well or bucket. You should also have someplace to store your gear when it is on board.

A good navigation system is considered by some people an essential piece of boating gear. You can find a good GPS system for not too much money, and it can be a life saver should you find yourself lost on the water. At the very least, you need a good compass so you don’t lose your way.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of items that people consider essential boating gear. You have to choose which you really need and that you have to have. Boating gear is available in sporting goods stores as well as online, and the variety that is available will get your boat outfitted in style!

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